Welcome to the Hemispheres project! For the 2016-2017 school year, the JSN is partnering with six Jesuit organizations around the world to share stories, efforts and events related to the theme of Global Companionship.  This theme was central to our 2016 Colloquium, and we hope to make it an area for growth throughout our network.

School Participation OpportunitiesHemispheres established partnerships with six Jesuit organizations from around the world.  Each provides a unique, but related opportunity for engagement by our Jesuit schools. To learn more about a partner's opportunities, simply expand its content section below.  You can also view an interactive overview of partner opportunities.

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Educate Magis - Jesuit World Network Maps and Online Conversations

Educate Magis is an online community that connects educators from Jesuit and Ignatian schools. This worldwide resource will contribute to Hemispheres on a number of levels.

Global Network Maps

The Printable Global MapEducate Magis invites schools and organisations to print and hang the printable global map on their walls and integrate the Online Map into their websites. These maps, linking schools on both the geographic and spiritual hemispheres, show the diversity of our network and create a sense of belonging to the global Jesuit family.

Read our How-to Guide to see how you can acquire and display a Global Jesuit Network map.


Online Community For Jesuit Educators

In addition, the Educate Magis platform enables its community members to collaborate on projects, have multilingual conversations and share resources and stories. Educators in the Jesuit Schools Network are invited to join the more than 1600 members from around the world!  The Jesuit Schools Network has already set up a Group within the Educate Magis community specifically for the exchange of information and ideas on the Hemispheres project.

Visit Educate Magis now.


Friends of Fey y Alegria in the United States - La Silla Roja

 La Silla Roja in ChadLa Silla Roja is a campaign carried out by Friends of Fe y Alegría in the United States that focuses on highlighting education as a fundamental element in the lives of all people. La Silla Roja was initially started by our partner, Entreculturas – Fe y Alegría Spain and is currently being carried out in several countries throughout Latin America, Europe and Africa.

During the academic year 2016-2017, we will be focusing on the importance of quality, inclusive education in the transformation of concrete realities of inequality and injustice.

What Can You Do At Your School?

Paint A Chair Red...

La Silla Roja in PeruAnd place it at the entrance of your school or classroom with information that shares about the current number of children and adults without access to education. Through this symbol, you can help raise awareness among your school community about the fact that millions of children are still unable to enjoy their fundamental right to education. This symbol also helps us to reflect on the important role that education plays in transforming lives and multiplying opportunities. We've put together a complete Action Toolkit to help you do so!

Share What You've Done...

La Silla Roja in SpainInvite people to write a message in favor of education and take a picture with the red chair. Join the campaign and let us know what you have done at your school by writing an email to info@feyalegria.us. We will publish your story and pictures at feyalegria.us and through our social media channels (www.facebook.com/feyalegriaus and @feyalegriaus)

Learn More In The Classroom...

At Friends of Fe y Alegría, we offer a variety of pedagogical resources for different educational levels, in order to better understand the themes addressed in this campaign. You can find these proposals in the Classroom Kit and the Action Toolkit on our website

Spread The Word About La Silla Roja...

Many schools have decided to raise awareness in their different contexts about the importance of quality, inclusive education. Activities have been carried out inside and outside of the school environment (storytelling, flashmobs, painting red chairs) to raise awareness among families and friends. You can see more ideas at feyalegria.us/our-work/la-silla-roja.

Thank you for joining us! Each year, there are more students and schools around the world committed to an education that multiplies opportunities!

Ignatian Solidarity Network - Ignatian Carbon Challenge

Ignatian Carbon ChallengeJoin high schools in the Ignatian network in bringing Laudato Si’ to life in our classrooms and institutions. Created by a team of theology and science teachers, the Ignatian Carbon Challenge invites both individuals and institutions to address climate change and environmental justice through a series of monthly challenges.

Together, the Ignatian network has the opportunity to make more sustainable choices that create healthier individuals, communities, and a healthier planet.

Learn how the Ignatian Carbon Challenge works: http://ignatiansolidarity.net/ignatian-carbon-challenge/how/

Jesuit Refugee Service - Refugee Simulations

Walk A Mile In My Shoes - A Refugee Simulation Experience 

Walk A Mile In My ShoesMore than 65 million people are displaced around the world today, the most since World War II. While it is impossible to fully comprehend what it is like to be forced from your home and live as a refugee, Jesuit Refugee Service/USA invites you to host a Walk a Mile in My Shoes simulation, which provides individuals and communities with an opportunity to pause and experience, if only vicariously and for a few moments, the frustrations, disappointments and hopes that refugees around the world face. Gather your family, friends, classmates, or fellow parishioners and see what it might be like to walk a mile in a refugee’s shoes.


FLACSI - International Dialogue on Injustices

FLACSI is the network of Jesuit Schools in Latin America. More than 50 students from FLACSI schools are in international dialogue, calling for action to overcome situations of injustice. JSN school students are invited to this exclusive online conversation in Educate Magis, where students share ideas regarding political and social issues that shape Latin American societies: human rights, education, ecology, corruption, poverty, elections, among others.

What Can You Do At Your School?

Analisis Politico FLACSIIf you and your students are interested in Latin American affairs, please visit our opinion page and check the articles shared by FLACSI students.

You can share your opinions and articles by joining our international dialogue group:

  1. Sign up here and get instructions for joining the group via e-mail or
  2. Contact secretaria@flacsi.net.
Hyde Center of Boston College High School - A Global Education Model

 Hyde Center at Boston College High SchoolThe Hyde Center for Global Education at Boston College High School is committed to developing a comprehensive global education program that serves all members of the BC High community.  Historically focused on the creation and development of student exchange programs, the Hyde Center has expanded its reach to include:

  • International service programs
  • International retreats
  • Faculty exchanges
  • Development of a Hyde Scholars program for students wishing to pursue global citizenship

In addition, we have made significant efforts to ensure BC High’s curriculum reflects our commitment to global education.

We invite educators within the JSN to visit our web page to learn more about the Hyde Center.  We would be delighted to hear about your own global initiatives, ideas for collaboration, or questions about initiating a new program!