Resume Board

Below is a list of resumes submitted by members of the Jesuit Schools Network and approved by the JSN. Please note that this page is available for public viewing. Resumes may be removed at the discretion of the JSN.

Posted Name Interest area / Position Teaching area State/Province Resume
7/22/17 Patricia Pagano LCSW Counselor/Guidance Religion New York
7/12/17 Mary Smith Campus Ministry/Community Service Religion Connecticut
6/22/17 Sergei Riddell Teaching/Faculty History/Social Studies District Of Columbia
6/11/17 Peter Leesinsky Teaching/Faculty Science None/Other
5/31/17 Toni-ann James Teaching/Faculty Science Wisconsin
5/30/17 Mary Christine Woolley Campus Ministry/Community Service New Jersey
5/18/17 Nicholas Bittner Teaching/Faculty History/Social Studies New Jersey
5/16/17 Andrew Garnett Teaching/Faculty Religion New York
4/18/17 Robert Terry Advancement/Development/Alumni New York
4/14/17 Paul Riegert Teaching/Faculty History/Social Studies Maryland
4/3/17 Ava Gagliardi Campus Ministry/Community Service
3/25/17 Philip John "PJ" Williams Communications New York
3/23/17 Antonio Cercena Teaching/Faculty Religion Louisiana
3/15/17 Patrick Ledley Assistant/Vice Principal History/Social Studies New York
3/4/17 Matt Mosley Teaching/Faculty English Louisiana
3/3/17 Julius Tangwe Teaching/Faculty Religion Minnesota