Brophy College Prep Announces Inés Pascual Award

Mrs. William Henry Brophy, the first recipient of the Inés Pascual Award

Phoenix, Ariz. – December 19, 2016 – When studying the history of St. Ignatius of Loyola, most often we hear of the men who, along with Ignatius, were instrumental in the founding and success of the Society of Jesus. However, a very early and important benefactor of Ignatius de Loyola was Inés Pascual, a Spanish noblewoman. Her early care of Ignatius, and her subsequent efforts as a supporter and fundraiser on his behalf, certainly contributed significantly to the realization of his mission and the establishment of the Society of Jesus. In recognition of the good work of Señora Pascual, as well as the formidable and ongoing contributions made by the women in the Brophy community, Brophy College Prep has established the Inés Pascual Award. It will be given yearly to a woman who models the compassion and commitment of Señora Pascual. At February’s Mother-Son Communion Breakfast, the inaugural award will be presented posthumously to Mrs. William Henry Brophy. In 1928, in honor of her late husband, Mrs. Brophy provided the land and funds to the California Province of the Society of Jesus to establish a Jesuit high school in Arizona.

Inés Pascual first met Ignatius when, injured from battle, he was trying to get from Montserrat to Manresa. She provided him with food, shelter, and medical care. Later, she became known as a businesswoman and supporter who often accompanied Ignatius on his “begging tours” as he prepared for his studies in Paris. Inés was the first person to receive one of the many letters Ignatius wrote to his companions, and it is thought that she is the only woman whom he called “mother.”

Just as Inés worked to ensure the success of Ignatius and eventually the founding of the Jesuits, recipients of the Inés Pascual award will be recognized for the generous ways they work to animate the values and ideals of our Jesuit school as inherited from St. Ignatius.


About Brophy College Preparatory:

Brophy College Preparatory is a Catholic, Jesuit high school for young men, established in 1928, that seeks to instill competence, conscience, and compassion and to educate men for others.