De Smet Jesuit Wins St. Francis Xavier Global Instagram Competition

De Smet Jesuit Wins Global Maps Contest

Educate Magis is delighted to announce the winning photo for JSN of the St. Francis Xavier Global Instagram Competition initiated by the Educate Delegates of JCAP and shared with the world. The winning school for JSN was De Smet Jesuit High School (see photo).  Congratulations!!  Jesuit schools from all six regions around the world entered this competition, and the winners from each region can be seen here.

Educate Magis would like to thank the Jesuit Education Delegates of JCAP again for this wonderful initiative and thank  De Smet for your encouragement and participation – a wonderful example of the potential of our network to share experiences as a global community and for schools to celebrate the feast of St. Francis Xavier in a fun, creative and meaningful way.