Cohort Gatherings


The Jesuit Schools Network sponsors nearly 20 Cohort Gatherings, the majority of which meet every four years.  

If you have questions or suggestions about our Cohort Gatherings, please contact:

Jeff Howard |
Director of Ignatian Mission Formation
Jesuit Schools Network


  • To network people who have similar areas of interest and/or responsibility in Jesuit Schools Network member schools (e.g., Service Directors, Admissions Directors, Deans of Students) on a regular basis for the purposes of sharing experiences, insights, programs and plans.
  • To foster collaborative partnership and a spirit of colleagueship among Jesuit Schools Network members sharing similar areas of interest and responsibility.
  • To cultivate and nurture the Ignatian vision and Jesuit mission of educational excellence in the formation of young men and women of competence, conscience and compassion.
  • To support the development and enhancement of people’s ability to minister to Jesuit high school constituencies – faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, and friends.
  • To further advance the educational and/or institutional mission by providing the opportunity for persons with a particular interest or responsibility to participate in a research project.


The membership of a Jesuit Schools Network Cohort Gathering is composed of people having similar areas of interest and responsibility in Jesuit Schools Network member schools. A Cohort Gathering is established and exists under the auspices and direction of the Jesuit Schools Network.


National meetings of a Jesuit Schools Network Cohort Gathering are ordinarily held every four years and typically last two to three days. The dates and locations are scheduled through the Jesuit Schools Network office in consultation with the Steering Committee for the Cohort Gathering. A tentative schedule for the coming years has been established. A member of the Jesuit Schools Network Staff attends and a place on the agenda is allotted for Jesuit Schools Network business.

2016 - 2017 Cohort Gatherings:

November 1 – 4, 2016 - Mission Formation Directors 
November 14 – 17, 2016 - Principals
January 13 – 17, 2017 - Presidents and Trustees 
March 12 – 15, 2017 - Religious Educators
March 27 - 30, 2017 -Academic Assistant Principals
May 8 – 12, 2017 - Campus Ministers

Tentative Future Gatherings Schedule